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Local Louisiana Marketing Blog

Finalize Your Holiday Marketing Calendar.

How to join the "Video-ification" of the Internet.

Client Spotlight:  Peek behind the floodwalls at The Port of New Orleans


Hurricane Preparedness Marketing Tips for Local Businesses 2017

Tips on how to improve your negotiating skills

Corporate Social Responsibility communication is crucial to gaining trust.

Getting to know New Orleans Area Adults 50+.

What home improvements are New Orleans area Homeowners planning?

FREE Hands-On Training and Networking for local businesses at NOEW 2017

How are cord-cutters watching their favorite shows?

Why is 2017 predicted to be the year for OTT advertising?

Mardi Gras Resources for Work & Fun

FREE New Orleans Mardi Gras Photos to save you time & money [Download]

How to catch up to your customers online, Part III.

How to catch up to your customers online, Part II.

How to catch up to your customers online.

The Best of Local Louisiana Marketing Blog | Top 5 blog posts of 2016

[Infographic] #1 to $1Billion - 10 Stats on the New Orleans Economy.

Morning TV News Options Expand for New Orleans viewers and advertisers.

10 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

How to use Social Media to increase sales during the Holiday Season.

Tips to Improve and Expand Your Holiday Marketing Calendar

Infographic: What you need to know to market to New Orleans Visitors.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Giovanna Savorgnan and Laura Foret

#TeamTuesday.  Meet the Award-Winning Journalists of WWL-TV.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Tod Smith and Kristine Breithaupt

Get better results with more visually appealing content.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Pat Montrell and Ivette Gray

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Amy Houston and Steve Wegmann

FREE New Orleans Photos to save you time and money [Download]

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Ryan Casey and Sarah Duckert

Avoid marketing roadblocks created by elections this holiday season

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Dax Grizzle and Kathy Freeman

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Paige Price and Joelle Scully

Advice to entrepreneurs from TD Jakes on how to thrive in business.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Danielle Kiletico and Nadia Phillips

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Ron Richmond and Kirk Jacobs

Create a marketing contingency plan for severe weather.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Kristin Raspanti and Kell Remkes

4 tips from DIGI Talk: Social Media to improve your social media strategy.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Scott McNulty and Paul Corcoran

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Susan Petro and John Carambat

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Dan Hart and Alisha Bell

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Scott Cody and Lourdes Keiffer

How to get your digital brand seen by more people.

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Michelle Leonard and Ryan Gunter

Is your marketing strategy keeping up with your business growth?

New Orleans Home Improvement Data for 2016

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Taylor Geoghegan and Ray Zornman

What are the most powerful words to use in Advertising?

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Lee Sucherman and Kris Norvell

What drives the most new customers for this local business?

#TeamTuesday.  Meet Monica Luna-Hernandez and Weezie Porter

How to use Google Analytics to know your customers better.

How to use Facebook to help define your target audience.

Take advantage of summer promotions to drive locals to your business.

Hurricane Preparedness Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

How to improve search engine ranking from a top industry pro.

4 marketing tips for local businesses during political advertising season.

Grow local retail jewelry business between Mother's Day & Christmas

Co-op advertising programs can provide marketing dollars for your local business.

Television + Digital is strongest cross-platform marketing mix.

How can local businesses reach record breaking festival crowds and conventions?

Are you in a B2B Business?  Then your business should be social in media.

Does the social media strategy for your company include LinkedIn? If not, it should.

Lessons from Super Bowl Advertising for New Orleans businesses

5 ideas to engage Mardi Gras revelers in social media

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