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Research and Tools to help you make smart business decisions.


We promise to invest in your success.

At TEGNA Local Louisiana, our audiences believe in our promise to our community to keep them informed about the issues that matter most.  We also promise to work with local companies to grow their businesses.  

We listen to your goals and your roadblocks to better understand your needs and then we strategize with you on how to reach those goals and work around those roadblocks.  We have a broad pool of resources we share with our clients to help them make better business decisions, from local consumer research, to media planning tools, to educational materials, and more.

We don't just sell you advertising and marketing solutions we partner with you and become invested in your success.  With years of experience state-of-the-art tools, and these resources our local staff can help you not only find your local customers but also have the right marketing intelligence to help you successfully increase your revenue. 

Marshall Marketing Consumer Research

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We are the local exclusive provider of Marshall Marketing consumer research.  Marshall Marketing profiles the shopping, demographic, lifestyle and communications characteristics of selected product/service categories on a market-specific as well as a national basis. The company conducts over 75,000 consumer interviews annually, and strictly adheres to accepted and proven methodological practices.

Using this research, we are able to offer extensive consumer demographic data that will help your business grow. The available data includes market demographics, consumer shopping patterns, brand preferences, market share, and consumer media usage. This data which is updated annually and allows you to better understand and target potential consumers, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising budget. 

Are you trying to make decisions and need some information on local consumers?  

We can help.  Let us know what you need and we will send you some FREE market intelligence to get you started.


Nielsen Local Buyer Reach

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Local Buyer Reach integrates Nielsen’s industry-standard TV ratings with Scarborough local insights, auto registration and consumer credit and debit transactions, providing insights into the buying power of local television audiences in our market.

This research helps local businesses enhance media planning and decisions by incorporating consumer buying data.  This allows you to maximize your ROI on your marketing budget by delivering consumers who are in the market for your products or services.

Louisiana Local Marketing Blog

Louisiana Local Marketing Blog

We understand that today's complicated media landscape means that more decisions land at your feet.  We also know how hard it is to keep up with this ever-changing environment.  

That is why we launched the Louisiana Local Marketing blog, to help you understand what trends are in the marketplace, how each marketing solution works, which solutions are best for different industries and how to effectively put them together to increase your return on investment from your marketing dollars.  

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Free Marketing Resources

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Free learning tools and marketing materials for local businesses:

Our clients continually ask us to share our expertise and materials to help them keep on top of their marketing challenges. We listened and we are creating more in-depth resources for you to download.  In addition to more education, our clients have asked us for short-cuts like templates, visuals, glossaries and more marketing materials that help local businesses save time in executing their marketing. 


Download LinkedIn Guide Here


Download Free Fall Themed New Orleans Photos Here


Download Free Holiday Themed New Orleans Photos Here


Download Free Mardi Gras Themed New Orleans Photos Here


Check back often as we are actively building this library or subscribe below to our blog to be alerted when new materials are available.  

Have a need where you think we can help?

Contact us to let us know what resources would be most helpful for your marketing challenges.


Broadcast Log Deadlines

Broadcast Traffic Log Deadlines for WWL-TV; WUPL My54 & NewsWatch15

Please note that we lock Friday and Saturday logs on Thursday. 

We also lock Sunday and Monday logs on Friday.    

Logs are locked by 3pm.  

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

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