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Increase your website traffic by improving your search engine rankings.


Drive quality traffic to your website.

What is  SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the industry term for the marketing strategies used to get search engines to recognize your website's relevancy and authority on a given subject.  The higher the score they give you, the higher your ranking will be on Search Engine Result Pages, sometimes referred to as SERP.  The first step is to implement best practices outlined by search engines for how to be sure that their algorithms read what you intend for them to read. This is called core site or on-site optimization.

Every part of your website from text to images is a piece of code that is read by search engine algorithms. Implementing SEO strategies helps ensure that the two pieces of code are using the same language. For example, did you know you that you should code the most important phrase or sentence on your website page with an H1 tag?  If you simply type that sentence or phrase in a larger font, then search engines do not know what the most important phrase of your site is to match against keywords people use when they search.

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Keyword is the industry term for the words search engines match from users search inquiries to the content on your website. Search engines continue to evolve to help searchers quickly get to the most helpful content.  Today, search engines utilize symantic search which means that they can recognize the context of the content including synonyms for keywords.  This means that high-quality content is finally more important than stuffing keywords onto your page.  Formatting the content on your site so that it matches the intent of the user helps to increase your relevance.  The second step is to build off-page optimization, which includes the building of a diverse back link profile to increase page popularity. What this means is having other relevant and authoritative sites link to your website.  These referrals build your site's authority with search engines.

Why use SEO?

SEO is the best way to generate long-term traffic to your website. It helps to build the foundation for future growth. SEO is also great at building and promoting your business brand. SEO also works hand in hand with the other pieces of your online brand building strategy. Connecting these building blocks helps ensure that you will be seen by more potential customers.  SEO also helps you maintain relevance in the online and mobile space ensuring that what you say is connecting with how people are searching for what you offer.  Many search engine users perceive websites that rank high to be "trusted websites" and as an authority in their industries.  

Ensure local customers can find you.

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Strategy Recommendations
Consumers use search engines every day.  Many of those searches have local intent.  Local intent means they are searching for products, places or business near them. According to Google, consumers prefer local information. Our team of local marketing experts will ensure your site and content are optimized for local SEO. We pinpoint not just the keywords that generate search volume but also the content that matches the user intents that are more likely to target your potential customers further down in the buying process. Our local marketing experts also implement a series of steps to help optimize your business listings and reputation management across the internet to help increase you local search results.  Finally, we make sure your site is optimized for viewing on mobile browsers since local search shifts more to mobile every day. 


Insights & Analytics

Search Engine Optimization Analytic Reports

We provide you with real-time analytics ensuring you have transparent access to your campaign*, including key performance metrics and campaign insights as well as the ability to playback and listen to your calls to improve customer service. We also provide a monthly report summarizing all activity with recommended optimizations and campaign next steps.   


Consumers are searching for local information everywhere, on every device, at every point in the purchase process.


of smartphone owners use a search engine at least 1x per day*


of smartphone searches have local intent.**

4 in 5

consumers use search engines to find local information**

*Yahoo **Google Local Search Behavior 

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