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Social Media Management  by TEGNA Local Louisiana

Social Media Management

Social media is no longer just an online playground for college kids and teenagers.  Social Media has worked its way into the fabric of our daily communications and has become an important way for businesses to communicate with customers. Thirty-one percent of the world's population is posting, sharing, liking and commenting.  As of January 2016, 64% of Facebook's 192,000,000 users in the United States are over the age of 30. Thirty-three percent of consumers prefer to contact companies over social media rather than the phone. 

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Consumers expect to find local business presence on social media sites as much as they expect to be able to find a website.  Social Media is also becoming more synonymous with mobile everyday. The average smart phone user checks their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts 17 times per day. This means maintaining an active, relevant presence in the most popular social platforms is imperative for any size business in today's world.  A business without social media accounts is non-existent or not deemed as legitimate to many consumers.  Social Media can provide you with a great channel to let your customers get to know you.  Through utilizing social media your business can:

  • Educate customers about your products
  • Let your customers get to know you and your team
  • Give a glimpse behind the scenes of your industry or business
  • Learn about their experiences with your business
  • Learn what interests your customers
  • Alert you customers to special events 

Engaged regular social media activity also helps with SEO by linkbuilding to your website.  This generates higher search rankings for your website making your business easier to find no matter where consumers are looking.  


Social Media however is not static.  It is not a set it and forget it channel.  It takes regular attention and engagement to drive the relationships and linkbuilding that create growth.  Many small businesses spend over 6 hours per week and some report using over 20 hours per week maintaining their social media presence.  This can be difficult for many business owners to juggle.  It is too much for them to handle in addition to everything else they are doing, yet it is not enough to justify dedicated employees.  We understand your challenges. That is why we provide social media management solutions for Louisiana businesses.  Our team of social media experts develop engagement strategies across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that drive customer loyalty, build brand recognition and drive leads.

Our social media management services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Content creation
  • Engaging your current and future customers
  • Creating, managing and optimizing your business’s social media profiles
  • Sweepstakes and Contests to attract new fans and reward loyal ones

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing

social media use

Strategic social media management combined with social media advertising gives you access to current and potential customers in platforms where they spend their leisure time.  The two efforts combined allow you to reach them immediately as well as build loyal fans for more long-term relationships.  You can engage with new and existing customers in order to:

  • Turn engagement into loyalty
  • Stay top-of-mind until your customers are ready to buy
  • Drive repeat business

Insights & Analytics


Understanding how your social media efforts contribute to your bottom line is important.  With 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard so you can:

  • Identify campaigns that generate traffic to your profiles and website - so you can do more
  • Track performance through interactions, reach, engagement and calls
  • Capture customer emails from sweepstakes and contests

Social Media Use is Pervasive.


worldwide active social media users*


of the us population has a social media profile**



mobile phone owners who use their phone for social media platforms*

*WeAreSocial, 2016 **Statista.com 

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