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Reach customers, in the moment, as they are searching for what you offer.

TEGNA Local Louisiana Search Engine Marketing Example

Paid Search Advertising

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing which is a leading ROI focused form of digital advertising.  SEM is also often referred to a Paid Search Advertising or Search PPC (pay-per-click/call) ads. While Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, builds your website rankings over time organically, SEM can be used to jump start your website visibility and works in conjunction with SEO to attract new motivated customers to your website. These paid ads appear at the top or the bottom of search engine results pages (SERP). These ads are shown to people who search for specific words or terms that are relevant to your business.  These words are called keywords.  

For instance, if you are a heating and air-conditioning service company you could choose the keywords "air conditioning"  or "air conditioning repair" or "heating repair" or "HVAC replacement" or even "when to replace your home cooling system." Then your ad would appear on the SERPs for people who have entered those searches. These ads are placed through online auctions and the top positions go to the most qualified bidders.

Obviously, bidding higher can make you more qualified, but other factors can also increase your opportunity to win the bid at a lower price. If your website is more relevant to the users search, search engines recognize that and reward it. They want users to find the most relevant results no matter if they are paid or organic. If the user clicks on your ad, you then pay the price which you bid for that lead. This is why many people refer to these ads as pay-per-click or PPC. 

Since several factors go into the pricing of your bid and the effectiveness of your campaign, it can often be less expensive to hire experts to help you achieve your goals of finding new customers.  Our experienced digital marketers can develop a strategic plan to help your business compete in the digital space, and ensure your dollars generate more customers, not just clicks. We can also manage your bidding to be sure that you are paying the minimal amount that you need.  We can also put your message in front of locals searching for your products or services on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

The Benefits of SEM advertising include:

  • The ability to bring in more foot traffic, get the phones ringing, or boost online sales.
  • Increase overall website traffic and conversions.
  • Level the playing field in the digital space for local and small businesses.


Keyword Search Retargeting

Keyword Search Retargeting Example

Marry your search advertising to your digital display advertising Using our software, we can retarget users who have searched for a keyword that matches products or services you provide and then serve digital display ads to them.  

This means even if a potential customer didn’t click through to your site, you will have another chance to speak to them online with a message relevant to their search.   

Insights & Analytics

TEGNA Local Louisiana Insights & Analytics

We provide end-to-end support for your campaigns.  As part of that service, we provide you with 24/7 access to our reporting dashboard.

This allows you to save precious time and resources in deciding how to maximize your marketing.  You can also: 

  • Track the amount of phone calls and leads.
  • Receive transparent insight into ad text, keywords and other metrics.
  • Understand the offers, products and services that receive the most demand.
  • Attribute ROI.

Search Marketing Drives Customers.


of retailers surveyed said search marketing  was the most effective customer acquisition tactic.*


of website traffic generated by paid search ads is NEW traffic**


of online experiences begin with a search engine.*


*CMO.com **Google

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