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Promotional Marketing Opportunities that increase awareness about your brand.


Your brand is local.  Your brand is unique.  Your brand has a great story.

We believe this is true for all of our clients.  Louisiana businesses are almost as unique as our neighbors. Every business has a great back-story. This is why we have developed special co-branded opportunities to showcase Louisiana businesses. We present your business alongside our trusted brand.  These tried and true promotions are Louisiana favorites.  In today's world of endless media options, it is hard for local businesses to break through the clutter to gain mindshare with local consumers.  Our loyal audience recognizes and looks forward to these campaigns. By co-branding your business with our local media properties, you tell your story in a setting with a halo of affection from our audience. You elevate your brand in a trusted environment. Innovative partnerships such as these make your brand seem more distinctive, more interesting and more noteworthy. We are the market leader for local storytelling and use our proven formulas to introduce your back-story to Louisiana consumers. 

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We Choose Louisiana

We Choose Louisiana Marketing Program

We partnered with Greater New Orleans, Inc. to create this multi-platform campaign celebrating the resurgence in Louisiana's economy and the companies that have set a stake in the ground in our hometowns.  Louisiana's economy is largely based on small and medium sized businesses and home grown industry and talent.  

Share your story of how you contribute to economic development of our great state and even more importantly why you choose to do business here.  Let our large local audience learn about your company and your services and products.  Use your success story and economic power to influence other business owners in helping to improve our way of life everyday.

Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud

Louisiana Made Louisiana Proud Marketing Program

For over 25 years local audiences have enjoyed Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud campaigns.  We have produced over 450 versions of this campaign telling the stories of hundreds of Louisiana businesses. This marketing program was started as a way to encourage local business development when Louisiana was in the middle of the oil and gas crisis in the late 1980s and immediately resonated with our audience. Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud is a series of corporate image-oriented vignettes designed to highlight local companies, products, and services. One of the hallmarks of the campaign is how closely the production of these commercials resemble the WWL-TV's image marketing, from the 60-second length, the sweeping photography and dissolves, to the use of WWL-TV’s station announcer. 



Mobile App Sponsorships

WWL-TV Mobile App Sponsorship Marketing Programs

Mobile is not just the wave of the future.  According to comScore, Mobile has grown so fast that it’s now the leading digital platform, with total activity on smart phones and tablets accounting for 62 percent of digital media time spent, and apps alone now representing the majority of ALL digital media time at 54 percent.

Most local businesses do not have the resources to invest in creating their own mobile app.  Without a large audience, frequent content updates and massive promotion, number of downloads and frequency of use is low for most apps.  

In order to create mobile app marketing opportunities for local businesses, we created mobile app sponsorships for WWL-TV's popular portfolio of mobile apps.  These sponsorships provide brand association with WWL-TV and marketing campaigns with high visibility and frequency for your brand.

Each App sponsorship comes with:

  • Logo integration on App load page
  • On-air and Digital Promotions that include your branding
  • High-impact Monthly Digital Ad Campaigns that include your branding and encourage app usage to our audiences.


One Tank Trips

WWL-TV One Tank Trips Marketing Program

The Gulf South is one of the most beautiful and culture rich areas in the nation.  Louisiana locals know they have an abundance of options in their backyard for quick getaways.  

WWL-TV created One Tank Trips to provide locals and visitors with listings of great adventures in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast that are available by car from the Greater New Orleans region with only one tank of gas. This guide is available online and in mobile app form.  It is also promoted using broadcast commercials and digital ads and is integrated with social media.  

Users have access to over 20 different unique locations, event listings, coupons, and an interactive map, keeping them abreast of all new information on these great tourist attractions. App users can also receive push notifications on destination coupons and new destinations.

Local Program Sponsorships

WWL-TV & WUPL Local Program Sponsorships

Even in today's world with many media options, local programming still reigns supreme.  People will always want to know what is happening in their neighborhood and flock to trusted sources that cover the issues important to their community.  

WWL-TV "Louisiana's News Leader" is one of the nation's highest-rated local television stations and has dominated local television viewing for three decades. WWL-TV produces 35 hours of local programming every week. We also air over 17 hours of local programming on WUPL, My 54 and continue to increase that amount to satisfy the desires of our local audiences.  Through our 24-hour news channel, NewsWatch 15, we offer around-the-clock new opportunities for on-the-go consumers.

Use the power of this local content to elevate your local marketing campaigns to Louisiana consumers.  From news to entertainment to sports we can find just the right target audience to meet your needs.

Local Louisiana Event Coverage Sponsorship Opportunities

Local Louisiana Event Coverage Sponsorship Opportunities

As the leading television station in Louisiana, we have unique access to coverage of top local events.  We also partner with numerous local organizations and sponsor many Louisiana events as part of our community commitment.

Throughout the year, we create opportunities to showcase local businesses in relation to these events through contests, sweepstakes, on-air promotions and more.  

Some promotional event tie-ins include:

  • Mardi Gras
  • French Quarter Festival
  • New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
  • NOLA Christmas Fest
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