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 Create brand awareness and drive consistent traffic in mobile & desktop. 

TEGNA Local Louisiana Digital Display Solutions

Banner ads and more.

Digital Display Ads are simply displayed on your screen with images, text and/or video vs. the text-only based ads you might see in search engine marketing.  They are similar to display print ads or video ads in look, but they offer the benefit of animation, interactivity and engagement allowing viewers to click through to your website or landing page - your virtual front door. They are often used to create brand awareness across targeted audiences. Digital Display Advertising is also good for driving consistent online traffic to your site. They offer quantifiable results through campaign reporting. Including video inside the display ads, also referred to as in-banner video ads, leads to increased engagement. 

TEGNA Local Louisiana offers targeted online digital display advertising:

  • Geographic targeting allowing you to reach Local, Regional or National Audiences
  • Demographic & Behavioral Targeting allowing you to find audiences that are likely to be your customers.
  • Placement options on WWLTV.com, as well as top comScore websites through our extended reach network, allowing you to find  your audience anywhere.
  • Selective targeting available by desktop, mobile or tablet as well as any combination of those platforms to reach them anytime.

High-Impact Interactive Takeover

TEGNA Local Louisiana High Impact Interactive Takeover Example

Interactive Takeovers provide another digital display advertising option that drives higher brand recall, ad recognition and brand recognition.  This format has extremely high levels of engagement and click through rates with consumers.  This large window used exclusively for your advertising message has high visual impact. This unit is ideal for brand or product launches and time sensitive events.  The interactive takeover ad units are delivered to site visitors as they access content throughout the site.



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