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Multi-platform solutions for a multi-media world.


Effective cross-platform strategies in a media saturated world.

The combination of television and online advertising provides the most effective marketing campaigns. These mediums work together to move customers through the buyer's journey leading them to your products or services.

Television and digital create a full-funnel marketing solution. TV is ideal for top-of-the-funnel awareness because it offers the broadest reach. Online ads reinforce your messaging with more precise targeting. This targeting is ideal for mid-funnel campaigns and calls-to-action when you need to speak to in-market potential customers.  Essentially, TV advertising is great to introduce new consumers to your business, but by adding digital advertising, you will stay top-of-mind with consumers who are most likely to convert.  

Research shows that television influences customers' actions online.  Sales lift is highest among those who view campaigns on both TV and digital channels, proving that cross-platform campaigns yield a return on investment. According to Google, people are using their second screens to search for info about what they're watching — commercials included. Two-thirds of smart phone owners say they turn to their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.  

Television also drives social conversations.  Nielsen Social found that viewers have become valuable social ambassadors for programmers and advertisers alike as they amplify content and messaging through their social spheres. Nielsen research also shows that ad placements in more social episodes drove nearly five times more mentions for commercials compared to less social programs.

In today's media saturated world, one strategy is not enough to effectively communicate with consumers.  However, implementing more than one platform and ensuring that they work in tandem to drive consumers through the marketing funnel is complicated and time-consuming. 

Our team offers a unique perspective, knowledge and highly trained insights unparalleled in our market.  This expertise along with unmatched service allows us to earn our clients’ confidence and trust. 

We are committed to helping local businesses grow by providing expertise, innovation, ideation and scale through our numerous powerful brands and resources that deliver measurable results. We offer multi-platform marketing services that work together.

Multi-screen Solutions

Multi-Screen Solutions from WWL-TV

We are a one stop network that can help you no matter what size your business or marketing challenge is.

We offer multi-screen solutions for local businesses.  You can integrate your message over multiple platforms including 2 network television stations, a 24 hour LOCAL news cable channel, and a leading web-site that is the indisputable leader in breaking news. As part of our full-service portfolio, we also offer proprietary local research and a full service production house to our clients.

Success Built On Experience

integrated marketing on 2 screens

Our local staff has helped thousands of local businesses meet their marketing goals.  Through years of experience and access to the large audiences and state-of-the-art marketing tools, we have learned how to motivate Louisiana consumers.  

We can help you plan for the best audiences, the best times to market your message, and the best platform to use. As part of one of the largest media companies in the country, we also have access to hundreds of success stories with measurable ROI’s from every corner of the country. We share resources with some of the largest digital media brands in the country and our sister media properties in 39 television markets across the country.

Customized Approach


With our experience and scale of resources we are able to produce tailored campaigns on the right screen at the right time that produce solid results while saving you money.

You don't have to take our word for it.  We provide you with real-time reporting ensuring you have transparent analytics to your campaign. We also provide monthly reports which summarize your campaigns and recommended optimizations and next steps.

Integrated advertising grows your business.


 Number of smart phone owners who turn to their phones to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.*


increased sales lift for brands that exposed Households to both television and digital advertising 


 Amount of greater reach that can be achieved  without spending more money When TV and digital are managed together. 

*Google **e-marketer ***Nielsen & Association of National Advertisers

Integrated Advertising Solutions

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