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TEGNA Local Louisiana Online Advertising Audience Targeting

Advanced Audience Targeting

Digital Advertising comes with great targeting capabilities.  Targeting means that you can select the types of audience that you want to see your ad and only serve impressions to people who meet that criteria.  According to a Boston Consulting Group Study, companies that use more advanced, data-driven capabilities will substantially improve performance and, perhaps even more important, gain information and learning that will give them a big advantage over competitors. 

We offer advanced targeting for Louisiana businesses who advertise online.  Through advanced targeting, we can reach consumers on top sites throughout the web, and we can target them based on various traits such as geography, demographics and behaviors. 

Advanced targeting placement options:

  • Local, Regional or National, across top comScore sites.
  • Display and Video across Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet

Benefits of using online advertising with advanced targeting:

  • Reach a more qualified audience. 
  • Extend your reach utilizing our network of premium content sites.
  • Place your message on quality brand name sites

Comprehensive Targeting Options

Online Advertising Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Advanced Targeting utilizes multiple databases to match your message to consumers that are more likely to have an interest in your products or services.  Our comprehensive suite of tools allows us to reach audiences based on website interests/behavior; content viewed, keyword searches, geographic location, demographics, visitors to your website and voter registrations.


Online Advertising Retargeting Example
Retargeting allows you to re-engage users who have visited your site and typically outperforms other targeting types by 2-4 times. 

Have you ever looked at a product online and then noticed that you see ads for that product when you later visit other sites? That happens through the use of retargeting. Retargeting works through the use of tracking pixels.  You install a tracking pixel on your site.  (Don't worry, we will help you do this.)  When a user visits your site, the tracking pixel follows them.  A database of all of your users is then created. When you purchase online advertising with us. We instruct sites to look for that pixel, or database of users, and serve additional ads to them. When one of your website users goes on sites where we sell advertising, the ad fulfillment system will recognize the pixel and serve your ad to that person on desktop or mobile across premium placements.

Advanced Targeting increases your advertising effectiveness.


The amount Targeted ads are more effective than  nontargeted ads.*

3 out of 5

online buyers who said they notice ads for products they looked up on other sites.*



  percent web site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert.*



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